Freya, my 450SL

Dedicated to my little Panzerwagen who I call Freya, My 1980 Mercedes 450SL. The 450SL was one of several of the R107 body type, which was the longest production run of any Mercedes vehicle ever, running from 1972 to 1989. It's a lovely car to drive, and the SL has been the flasgship of the Mercedes line.

This site has been up and down since 2001 (LOL) and for many years, despite having he domain name and the files sitting on my server, it actually wasn't up and running, nor even properly resolved via DNA (long story) so it seemed like a good place to experiment with responsive CSS design ideas without "breaking" my larger sites.

Here are some photos of Freya, my 450SL. I named her Frey as Freya is the Norse goddess of Love and War, and she was commander of the Valkiries. Leave it to the vikings to have a goddess for BOTH love AND war. LOL.


There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 450SL convertible. — P.J. O'Rourke


Links Relating to the Mercedes R107


This links direct to the R107 forum:
A Great Mercedes Forum,
I've done a few lengthy posts there on maintaining these cars. Here are the major highlights:
Engine and smog troubleshooting.
At 20 pages, this post is a long and in-depth series of articles detailing a methodical approach.
K-Jet Fuel Distributor Rebuild Tutorial!
Easy to follow with photos and tips.
Repairing the turn signal and hazard blinker
Some models use this rare combo blinker and hazard switch.
A mod for single wire O2 sensors
to improve conductivity to the ECU.
An overview and in depth discussion
of the K-Jetronic Lambda system!
Is SeaFoam worth it?
Easy way to modify your CD Rom manual
so that you can use it on a iPad
Finding an old R107 in a junkyard!
I just added those links above today, end of February 2019.....

So... What the heck?!?!

And just to show you how REALLY OLD this page is, all the links that WERE there are DEAD, LOL. I was just redoing my server and I ran across this old site of mine that I had completely forgotten about!

A COLLECTION OF DEAD LINKS (that I might replace someday)

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